Happy Mother’s Day! A Tribute to Those Who Gave Us Life

Mother’s Day is around the corner and the Halton Pardee family wanted to share our love with all the mamas out there. We started honoring our moms early by putting together a little tribute video. Here’s what our work family had to say about their mothers!

We also gathered some cute pics of our colleagues with their moms:

Jordan Calhoun and his mom
Kevin Dunn with his mother
Ivy K Smart with her mom and grandma
Elana Matulic and her mama
Tamara Mattox with her mother
Rachel Stevens huggin her mom
Katie Saperstein with her mama
Tommy Nocera and his mom
Kate Brickley with her mama
Emma Petersen with her mother
Lindsey Brodsky held by momma
Richard Rosetti and his mama (from around 1944!)
Rachael Peterson and her mom
Samantha Kinnon-Torres with her mom
Our CEO, Tami Halton Pardee giving big love to her mom, Boni Halton

From the Halton Pardee family, we wish all of the incredible strong, wise, and loving mothers out there a very Happy Mother’s Day!